Meet our team

Sean Ibrahim
Sean Ibrahim

Sean Ibrahim  has been in industrial  tooling supply chain since the mid 80s much of this time in management and becoming one of the most well known people in the UK supply chain market.

He started out in South Wales selling into garages and then moving onto chemical plants such as Dow Cornning and BP. Sean also covered aviation with  British Airways Maintenance , GE Aviation and RAF St Athan.  In the late 90s, he moved to the north (Sheffield ) and quickly established relationships with local industry, such as Outokumpu , William Cook,  ZND,  GKN.  Later on, he gravitated towards innovation in equipment for the water industry (Yorkshire Water , Anglian Water and United Utilities). This led to continuous collaboration with companies specializing in Search and Rescue equipment aimed at military and police.

Sean has extensive experience working with Rolls Royce, Siemens, Doncasters  and Arconic (Firth Rixson) supply chain with a focus on cost savings and continuous  improvements. He is now focused on IOT connected smart tooling for the car industry and working  with JLR , Toyota,  Nissan and Perkins.


He is part of the Higher Skills Higher Growth Project, which is a joint venture of local colleges and Sheffield Hallam University. This initiative will offer businesses a possibility to access funding for a variety of projects and receive a tailored package of products, services and academic expertise from RNN and Sheffield Hallam University. This will help them to diversify and adapt to the ever-changing world.

Each project will be unique to each employer but can include: · Links to funded initiatives to help businesses to innovate and grow; · Matching skilled graduates and students for short and long-term projects and placements; · Workforce upskilling and professional development programmes; · Collaboration with sector-specialist academics to solve organisational problems.

The programme will particularly benefit small or micro-businesses who are often challenged by limited resources, strategic planning capacity and the ability to engage with innovation and manage change.

Anna Ibrahim
Anna Ibrahim

Dr. Anna Ibrahim (PhD, MA (dist.)), member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists

Anna has worked in the metal industry in the north of England since 2001. Active contributor to some of the largest commercial projects and contracts initiated in British industry in the north, she worked in various sectors including Oil and Gas, Metallurgy, Aerospace, Aviation and Automotive industry.

Anna has defended her doctorate in 2014 in computerized experimentation with human language processing and is currently studying data architecture. Anna is currently working to implement a functional data governance solution in a government department.

Alex Ibrahim

Alex Ibrahim has recently joined us as a media trainee. He is studying engineering and mechatronics at Rotherham College.

Alex is also a keen athlete and a born organiser, who has already contributed in organising and running a Northern Crucible event in Chesterfield.